About PMS College

In Indian culture and civilization, women are honored and revered as topmost creation god and Nature women are the cynosure of all creations of God every creation is insignificant without women. Indian women have got a glorious and gorgeous position in our society. But unfortunately, women are not considered and evaluated true human spirit due to moral and mental degradation.
But in the present scenario education is the only medium that can glory and honor to the female world. Education can inspire women to boost up self-confidence and self-dependence in society. Women must not be deprived of the vital education of human life. Today women are adorning every section of the society whether it is parliaments, Judiciary universities, medical, science, bank, railway, administrative jobs, and others. Women have shouldered the work with men to make their society a decent place to live in. Educated women can rebuild society by their vital contribution to the field of science and technology. It has been rightly said that if a man gets an education, he educates himself, on the other hand, if a woman gets an education, she educates a family.

Sri Rajendra Prasad Singh

Women empowerment is the basic need of our society which can change the face of the world. Having the noble idea in mind our honorable secretary Sri Rajendra Prasad Singh made great effort to establish D.S.W Evening college at sohsarai in the pious land of Nalanda in the year 1985 to enlighten and empowered women of the rural and urban society.
Human resource development Deptt. Govt of Bihar Patna and Magadh University Bodhgaya have gives permanent affiliation up to B.A/B.Sc pass and honors level in the year 1989-90. This college has also got the position of getting a government grant regularly. The future vision of the college is to open B.C.A., Library Science and other professional courses in the near future.